Choosing a TOTO Toilet Size for Your Home

Choosing the right TOTO toilet size can beautify your home. This Japanese brand has many variations of toilet seats that you can consider filling your bathroom. TOTO is also known for its eco-friendly design. The proven quality will definitely make many people not hesitate to choose a toilet from this one brand. Now it’s just a matter of determining the right size in the bathroom. To make it easier for you, here are various sizes of TOTO toilet seats that can be an option in filling your home bathroom.

Various Types and Sizes of TOTO Toilets

TOTO is a leading Japanese toilet manufacturer founded by Kazuchika Okura, who is best known for making washlets and other products. TOTO aims to present health, cleanliness, design, sustainability, and friendliness in both interior and exterior home decoration. The resulting product requires less maintenance, and provides a clean comfort when used. The following are the types and sizes of TOTO toilet seats.

1. UltraMax One-Piece Toilet

This UltraMax unit is available in one-piece. This means that the cover is also included. This particular model has a height of approx. 43 cm (from the top seat to the floor) and a soft-closed toilet lid. The effect appears to be that the toilet closes in slow motion, and prevents the lid from making noise.

At first glance, the curved toilet tank is made for tight spaces, but this is just an aesthetic choice. It is 30 cm wide and will flush efficiently, thanks to the double cyclone tornado flush technology.

2. Drake Two-Piece Toilet

It has an elongated seat and gives it a sleek look. A rough size of 30 cm will do well for a small bathroom, but it may take up less floor space. The toilet is also very high.

The tank is almost as high as the toilet itself. The 35 cm tank is above the 40 cm toilet bowl. The taller tank is a nice feature as it is a gravity flush toilet. The higher the tank, the better the pressure for flushing.

With chairs sold separately, you can simply add to the height of the seat. A bidet washlet can be used instead. Compatible and will fit without making any adjustments to this toilet.

3. Aquia Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

The shape of the toilet is stylish and compact, making it suitable for small bathrooms. With a rough size of 25 cm. When mounted closer to the wall, it creates more legroom and gives your door room to open wide. The weight of this breed is only 5 kilograms.

This beautiful and light toilet consists of a two-piece, but its design is very similar to a one-piece. If you have limited bathroom space and a small water quota, this type of toilet can be your way to save money.

4. Nexus Elongated Toilet

Compact one-piece toilet with reduced toilet tank. From top to toe, it is only 68 cm high and 72 cm long from the wall. This size does not affect the installation of the sitting closet, because it has a standard width of 30 cm. One-piece toilet, this already has a seat, but you can still replace it as you wish.

Those are some of the types and sizes of TOTO toilets. Does one match your home bathroom?