TOTO Technology Maintains Toilet Hygiene

With current technological advances, toilet manufacturers have done a lot of research to make toilets hygienic and comfortable to use. One of them is what TOTO, the world’s toilet manufacturer, has done. The toilet seat is also considered more hygienic. What is meant by hygienic is: clean, odorless, and the edges are not wet. Wet toilet rims will be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause skin and venereal diseases. And, squat toilets tend to be difficult to meet this standard.

In contrast to toilets in general, TOTO’s bidet products have advantages and technologies that can keep toilets clean and hygienic. Not only equipped with automatic sensors with opening and closing, TOTO toilets also have other sensors that can make the seating surface feel warm. With this technology, germs are reluctant to nest in the toilet seat.

In addition, the TOTO toilet seat is also able to regulate the rinse water to be sprayed into the toilet bowl so that dirt will be difficult to stick to, it has eWater+ technology which automatically distributes water and keeps the toilet bowl and nozzle clean. Also, there is an air filter that is useful for cleaning the air around the toilet seat. With this series of technologies, the cleanliness of the user’s skin will be maintained.

Not only hygienic, TOTO’s toilet seat is also very environmentally friendly. The reason is, with EWater+ technology, the TOTO toilet seat washlet can convert ordinary water into Ewater+ which has an environmentally friendly pH acid content.

Public Toilets Must Be Able To Ward Off Corona Virus

Feeling safe and comfortable doing activities in public is a right that must be owned by everyone. However, the outbreak of Coronaviruses/Covid 19 has caused tremendous concern.

Moreover, currently data from Worldsmeter states that the number of cases of Novel Coronavirus disease has reached 444M cases with 5.99M deaths worldwide.

This concern prompted the TOTO company to hold a 2020 Toilet Association Gathering at the TOTO Jakarta Showroom some time ago.

Carrying the theme “Everybody Needs a Toilet, The necessity of healthy, clean and hygiene toilet, this discussion presented ATI Chair Naning A., Sociologist Imam P., and the Initiator of the Jakarta Barrier Free. Tourism (IBFT) Faisal R. as a speaker.

“Currently we are pushing for improving the quality of toilets in public spaces. In addition to being cleaner and less contaminated with bacteria and viruses, we also encourage public toilets to be easier to use for people with disabilities,” said Naning.

Slowly, ATI has made changes to the quality of toilets in Angkasa Pura, MRT and LRT, especially the provision of toilets for people with disabilities. However, only about 1%-2% of toilets in public spaces meet the standards for persons with disabilities. There are still many toilet facilities at gas stations, malls, and train stations that cannot be accessed by persons with disabilities.

“The provision of toilets for people with disabilities is still very minimal. The current environment does not support the activities of persons with disabilities in public spaces,” said Faisal.

Although so far there have been initiatives from public space providers to provide accessible toilets, in reality these facilities have not met the four principles of accessibility, namely convenience, comfort, independence, and convenience.

“It is not uncommon to find special toilet facilities for wheelchair users that are made too high, which makes it difficult for them to move seats,” continued Faisal.

In addition to the difficulty of using facilities that have not been properly installed, the provision of accessible toilets in public transportation such as intercity trains is also still not available. Even though the regulations for the provision of facilities for persons with disabilities are complete. Starting from conventions, laws, to ministerial regulations.

“There is no longer any reason not to provide accessible toilets for people with disabilities,” said Faisal.

In this ATI gathering, the participants were invited to see various collections of toilets that are hygienic and ideal for people with disabilities belonging to TOTO.

“For Toto Indonesia, this gathering is a useful education to invite many parties to care about clean, safe and hygienic public toilets,” explained Marketing Manager of PT Surya Toto Indonesia, Antonius R.

TOTO also really appreciates and supports the activities initiated by ATI. In fact, there are many key issues of sanitation and hygiene accessibility that need to be addressed, and this is also our collective responsibility.


5 Good Toilet Brand Choices

Currently, there are quite a number of good toilet brands that you can choose to be the main choice in your home bathroom. There are several leading toilet brands that are often chosen, for example Toto and Wasser. Of the two brands alone, there are many choices of toilet products available. Curious about anything?

5 Good Toilet Brands for You

In total there are five choices of toilet brands that you can choose from here. We has selected the best bidet products for you here.

1. Toto Closet CW 895 J

Closet Toto CW 895 J is one of the superior toilet products that you can choose. This toilet is a one piece toilet with a shape like an elongated bowl. There is a box-shaped tank here for easier cleaning.

There is a dual flush technology that is useful for minimizing the use of water up to 3 liters. In addition, there is soft closing technology so that the toilet lid doesn’t slam easily or get damaged when used.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Made of strong, solid, and high quality material so it is not easily damaged.
  • Has a European standard shape so it looks elegant.
  • Equipped with duroplast seat and cover which feels soft and comfortable when used.

2. Wasser CT-841

Then there is the Wasser CT-841 which is a monoblock toilet whose water tank is attached to the toilet body. This toilet has a simpler appearance, is easy to install, is stronger, does not leak/break easily, and is easy to clean. This product is made of ceramic material which is equipped with a toilet lid on the body of this toilet.

3. Toto Closet C436N

The Toto Closet C436N is shaped like a round bowl with an aligned tank and a flush button on the side of the tank. This feature makes the toilet easy to use in the cleaning process.

The material from Toto Closet C436N is strong, solid, and of high quality so it is very comfortable to use in the long term. This product is equipped with a plastic seat and cover made of strong and solid plastic, but still comfortable to use. In the end, the Toto Closet C436N is minimalist and luxurious at the same time.

4. Wasser CT-330

Wasser CT-330 is a type of closed-coupled closet that combines the water tank with the toilet body so that it is integrated in a complete and concise manner. Moreover, the pipes are hidden in the toilet body so that it is easier to install.

The Wasser CT-330 is taller and longer when compared to a hanging or wall toilet because the entire body is fused together. This makes it required a large enough space to install this toilet in the bathroom.

5. Toto Closet CW 635 PJ

Toto Closet CW 635 PJ is a toilet bowl that has a low tank layout with a European standard design to make the cleaning process easier. This toilet seat is equipped with a duroplast seat and cover which is made of solid material, but remains soft when you use it.

This product has two types of trap installation, namely P-Trap which is applied to walls or walls. On the other hand, there is also an S-Trap installation type that is applied to the floor.

Of the five toilet products given, which one is your favorite?