Advantages of Toto Toilets

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Toto is a trademark of a Japanese company engaged in household goods such as toilets and sinks. This company has been very well known since 1917 as a manufacturer of quality products. Even though they are from Japan, there are Toto products made in Indonesia.

To compare which Toto vs American Standard is good, you can look at the toilet product. Why closet? Because bathroom accessories from the two brands always compete and become the target of the Indonesian people. Of course, this is thanks to the quality and specifications of the toilet which is a mainstay.

The advantages of the Toto toilet

1. Available in many types
Toto toilets offer various variants and types of products so that it is easy for consumers to determine which one suits their needs or desires.

2. High prestige value
Most of Toto’s products are used for high standard buildings. Therefore, the prestige value of using Toto products also increases.

3. Thick porcelain grade
Toto always offers sanitary products with thick porcelain. In addition, toilets and other Toto products are also guaranteed to be stronger and stronger than competitors’ products.

Disadvantages of Toto toilets

1. Prices tend to be expensive
Given the thick porcelain content of Toto’s products, as well as the guarantee of product quality in terms of strength and durability, it is not surprising that the selling price of Toto’s sanitary products tends to be more expensive.

2. Limited sale
Along with the high prestige of Toto’s products, most of the goods made by this company are classified as exclusive and cannot be easily found in all building shops.

3. Slight color variations
Although Toto offers many types and variants of one product, this company does not provide many color choices. The colors used tend to be standard.

Quality Comparison Between Toto vs American Standard Toilet

The quality comparison between Toto vs American Standard is now a consideration when choosing a toilet for the bathroom. Apart from the function side, choosing a toilet is also inseparable from a matter of budget, product quality, and compatibility with interior design. Therefore, you often feel confused when you have to make a choice.

Currently, the toilet brand is dominated by the Toto and American Standard brands. These two names have long been known as manufacturers of bidets and other bathroom accessories. So, which is the best Toto vs American Standard?

American Standard toilet quality

If you’ve seen the quality of Toto’s toilet, to compare Toto vs American Standard, which one is good, of course you have to look at the American Standard as well. These companies are both long-time players in the field of home sanitation. Its products include toilets, faucets, sinks, and others.

Currently, sales of American Standard sanitary products have reached 20 countries. Most of American Standard’s internal designers are based in Asia so that their products are always in line with the needs of the Asian community.

Advantages of American Standard toilet

1. The price is more affordable
The American Standard bidet is a bathroom accessory that is used by all walks of life. Therefore, the price is adjusted to the pockets of consumers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to use American Standard products.

2. Easy to get
As a product that is used by many people, American Standard toilets can be found in many physical building stores and online.

3. Many color variants, guaranteed quality
In terms of quality, the American Standard toilet is as good as the Toto. The difference is, American Standard products are sold with a variety of more varied color choices.

Disadvantages of American Standard toilet

1. Products are easy to fake
Because American Standard products are widely sold and used by various groups, sometimes there are irresponsible parties who fake products by selling them for cheaper or even the same.

2. Few variant choices
Although there are many color choices, American Standard does not produce a variety of bathroom accessory variants. The specifications are limited and the types are relatively few.

3. Less prestige value
Sometimes because the price is cheaper than Toto, the prestige of using American Standard is not as good as competing products.

It’s been answered which Toto vs American Standard is good. Both have superior product quality, but differ in terms of type and color variations. Toto has more types or models of products, while American Standard offers many colors. To choose between the two, you can consider your budget and needs.


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