5 Good Toilet Brand Choices

Currently, there are quite a number of good toilet brands that you can choose to be the main choice in your home bathroom. There are several leading toilet brands that are often chosen, for example Toto and Wasser. Of the two brands alone, there are many choices of toilet products available. Curious about anything?

5 Good Toilet Brands for You

In total there are five choices of toilet brands that you can choose from here. We has selected the best bidet products for you here.

1. Toto Closet CW 895 J

Closet Toto CW 895 J is one of the superior toilet products that you can choose. This toilet is a one piece toilet with a shape like an elongated bowl. There is a box-shaped tank here for easier cleaning.

There is a dual flush technology that is useful for minimizing the use of water up to 3 liters. In addition, there is soft closing technology so that the toilet lid doesn’t slam easily or get damaged when used.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Made of strong, solid, and high quality material so it is not easily damaged.
  • Has a European standard shape so it looks elegant.
  • Equipped with duroplast seat and cover which feels soft and comfortable when used.

2. Wasser CT-841

Then there is the Wasser CT-841 which is a monoblock toilet whose water tank is attached to the toilet body. This toilet has a simpler appearance, is easy to install, is stronger, does not leak/break easily, and is easy to clean. This product is made of ceramic material which is equipped with a toilet lid on the body of this toilet.

3. Toto Closet C436N

The Toto Closet C436N is shaped like a round bowl with an aligned tank and a flush button on the side of the tank. This feature makes the toilet easy to use in the cleaning process.

The material from Toto Closet C436N is strong, solid, and of high quality so it is very comfortable to use in the long term. This product is equipped with a plastic seat and cover made of strong and solid plastic, but still comfortable to use. In the end, the Toto Closet C436N is minimalist and luxurious at the same time.

4. Wasser CT-330

Wasser CT-330 is a type of closed-coupled closet that combines the water tank with the toilet body so that it is integrated in a complete and concise manner. Moreover, the pipes are hidden in the toilet body so that it is easier to install.

The Wasser CT-330 is taller and longer when compared to a hanging or wall toilet because the entire body is fused together. This makes it required a large enough space to install this toilet in the bathroom.

5. Toto Closet CW 635 PJ

Toto Closet CW 635 PJ is a toilet bowl that has a low tank layout with a European standard design to make the cleaning process easier. This toilet seat is equipped with a duroplast seat and cover which is made of solid material, but remains soft when you use it.

This product has two types of trap installation, namely P-Trap which is applied to walls or walls. On the other hand, there is also an S-Trap installation type that is applied to the floor.

Of the five toilet products given, which one is your favorite?